May 4, 2010
Tengboche to Dingboche

Namaste! (Hello)
Mmmmmm nothing like the smell of yak poo in the morning. Or the afternoon. Or the evening for that matter. Yep, lots of poop. However you zone the smell sense out and your other senses become more aware. I hear nature. See nature. Touch nature. I am currently at 14,440 feet!!! We climbed just over 2,000 feet today. We are high above the tree line. Shrubs only and they too will slowly fade from here to Everest. Day 5 with NO SHOWER! I really don't feel that dirty. I just want to wash my hair. Crissie would be so impressed with the rat nest I have growing on top of my head. It blows my mind that I have blogged my way here, and have not had a shower. I may attempt to wash tomorrow? Maybe this is a test. Today was a well rounded day. Lots of pictures. Great views. It is getting colder. Yesterday I added a layer, today I added another layer. Thank goodness I will have my parka for base camp, I am going to need it. Dad and I have been talking up the project to a few curious trekkers, all very interested. It appears we should get a good reception upon arrival. We still have three more days to go before our destination of base camp. We are taking it slow but with good pace. Neither of us can risk getting AMS, we need to be in good health for the project. The wind is picking up now. Time to grab some hot tea and warm up. Everyday this country leaves me breathless, literally and metaphorically speaking. Unfortunatley the political situation in Kathmandu is still poor. The city is shut down due to Maoist rallies. I hope you who read this are all keeping safe.

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