April 30, 2010
AGNI AIR Kathmandu to Lukla.
A Dornier 228-101. 12 passengers. A short flight through the mountains. As we approached our destination, no need for a descent. We landed on a 700 foot long airstrip right on the mountain face. (most airstrips are usually about 10,000 feet long to give you an idea how SHORT this one was) Any mistake would result in us crushing poor local homes. Bhim quickly sent us on our way to collect the rest of our cargo that arrived two days early. Dad has brought a mini hospital with him. We have 15 porters to carry all the equipment for the project. We had a lot of curious watchers. I kept forget it was only 7:30 in the morning. We had a great first day trek. Approx. 2 hours to get us warmed up. Camp site one is Phakding. I was amazed by the beauty of the mountains and the warmth of the Nepali people. So humble. Dad has administered me my first round of Diamox. 500 mg. He doesn't want to take any chances with the AMS. It was hard to get down with the heated orange drink. Everything must be boiled because the water is not clean. We have come down 1,000 feet, currently at 8,380. Our recovery time was fast today. I sure could feel the altitude change though. Prayer flags were flying high from homes and across all the bridges. Each symbolic of the elements. Earth, fire, water, air, sun. Our cook Nanda is hard at work preparing us lunch. It is very easy being a vegetarian here.

Patient # 1
Local Nepali worker. Fell through roof, landed on right side.
Age approx. 22
*Fractured elbow
*Fractured skull [blood in ear, needs immediate x-ray]
*Seriously bruised lung
Dad administered 75 mg. voltaren [injection]
Man was carried by 6 men back to Lukla. No more flights back to Kathmandu today. Dad saved his life. Quiet the start to our trek. Dad never seems to get away from work. He loves to help when he can.

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