May 1, 2010.
Phakding to Namche Bazar

Patient # 2. ME? Well I at least feel like I am dying. The Diamox is working. My fingers and toes are tingling.That means the pH of my blood is becoming more alkaline. Today was hard. Very hard. Any exertion up hill is slow and leaves you breathless. Today we climbed 3,000 feet to Namche Bazar. Bhim pointed out our destination 2 hours into the trek. The white dot on a mountain at least 4 more hours away. The only thing I really miss is ice. Dad and I pant for water while all the porters pass us with 40 plus kilos on their backs stop for smoke breaks. You stop caring about taking pictures and become more concerned with breathing. One breath for one step. Dad says that ratio is only going to get worse. Arrive Namche Bazar. 25 min after arrival my heart rate is 112. Sunburn is killing me. I curled into a ball on the ground. I miss cold water more than toilets. The squatting I can do. Saudi taught me well. Dad tells me to keep drinking more coffee and tea, the only way to keep hydrated. The sound of monks chanting from the neighboring lodge is music to the ears. I would be lying if I say I felt great. I feel good with what I have accomplished today. We have two nights here to acclimatize to the altitude. Day trip tomorrow. Dad is keeping me well medicated. We lean on each other for moral support. After his two rounds of radiation therapy he definitely feels the strain on his body. His camel back is his life saver. Fog has just rolled down the mountain. We are literally in the clouds. The wind is picking up and I am still waiting for my bag to arrive with my warm clothes. I could go to sleep right now and its only 5 pm. We did leave this morning at 7 however. We had a lovely lunch on the riverside. Nanda is a great cook and very funny.
One of the large batteries a porter is carrying for the project has started leaking battery acid. Burned the poor boys pants. This may pose a problem because it is only day two of the trek and the batteries are fundamental for power when the generator is not running. Dad and Bhim are brainstorming now.
Note to self: do not cross your legs at high altitude. Poor circulation and my calf falling asleep was one of the most painful parts of my day. More so than not being able to breath. Our spirits are high. We joke about how out of shape we are. But once we can rest, we are recharged, this is a good sign.
Oh and the funny part of the day. My bag was so late arriving because the old man that was carrying it was found at the first bar at the bottom of Namche, pissed drunk and passed out. I guess he had a hard day too and just needed a little drink.

(these are just little side notes of my journal from the trip, i have gone into far too much detail to type it all. Namche is a very large village compared to Phaking and where we are headed the rest of the trip so this will be my last post before our return down the mountain. I was shocked to see the sign that said "High Speed Internet" this way. I thought I would humor everyone. Anyway, I should run along and help Dad test the generator and all the medical devices before we go any higher. Love to all and I am happy, healthy and having the time of my life! and yes I miss Dante :D )

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