May 2, 2010
Night Two -Namche Bazar

It rained all night. Pitter patter on the tent. I had to pee so bad. I was trying to fight it. When I finally got my head light on I noticed water leaking into my tent heading straight for my camera. Yikes! I threw everything on top of my MEC bag and made a run for it through the rain to the toilet tent. Oh the joys of camping. It took a while to get back to sleep with the howling dogs, drunk Russians and cows nearly walking over your tent.

Today was equipment test day. Dad and I went for a morning walk to keep our bodies limber. Found a stuppa on top of Namche and did a little "off trekking" down to examine the new heli pad. Once we arrived back to camp Bhim turned the generator on. POWER! Dad and he plugged in the batteries and we got all our gear charged up. Then it was my turn to be the study volunteer. Dad had the Habipap mask around my head and I was plugged into the heart monitor. All the porters were watching curiously. I learned fast what needs to be done for the experiment when it is my turn to test climbers at base camp.

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